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Keif Llama

Communications between alien species is easy; understanding is the hard part.  The ability to think like another species is a rare  and galactically valuable gift. Those who are capable of it are called “xenotechs”. KEIF LLAMA is a young girl xenotech who works for the galactic government. 

KEIF LLAMA: XENOTECH by HOWARTH (36pp/6.5x10.25)
Volume One

Issue # Price Reserve
1 5.00
2 3.50
3 n/a  
4 3.50
5 3.50
6 3.50

All new oneshot comic by HOWARTH with Keif struggling to save two alien
species from civil war on a gas giant. (36pp/6.5x10.25) Reserve

PARTICLE DREAMS by HOWARTH (Before Keif got her own series, her other
adventures appeared in this science fiction comics magazine. (36pp/8.5x11)

Issue # Price Reserve
1 6.00
2 4.00
3 4.00
4 4.00
5 4.00
6 4.00

Welcome to the future. Humans deal on a daily basis with hundreds of alien races. What happens when their reactions are a little too...alien? You call in a xenotech, a specialist in intuiting alien motivations and solving problems. Someone who can get the job done. Someone like Keif Llama.
Collects all the Keif material from the “Particle Dreams” series, including a few stray pieces from other pubs--and features a previously unpublished Keif strip.
96 pages with new color cover by Matt Howarth
All ages.
10.00 Order

Fantagraphics anthology comic contains a 4 page Keif strip by HOWARTH not found anywhere else.  Reserve

Fantagraphics comic reprinted John Byrne’s “Doomsday+1” series.  Issue contains a 7 page full color Keif strip by HOWARTH.  Reserve

Thousands of Confed technicians have been assigned the task of deciphering the technology involved in an organic Faster-Than-Light spacecraft, and Keif is honored to be among those ranks. The honor doesn t seem so wonderful, though, when the FTL beast escapes with Keif inside it. Add an intrusive team of investigative reporters to the problem, and Keif has her hands full figuring a way to coerce the beast to stop its mad rush to the ends of the galaxy.

Digital 108 page color graphic novel
The CDR contains Low-Rez (for easy load-time) and High-Rez (for quality print-out) versions of the entire graphic novel
$10.00 (on CD) Order

Keif Llama never gets the simple assignments. How do a librarian the size of a continent, x-ray emitting structures that may or may not be alive, and a missing eleventh moon add up? And can Keif figure it all out before she's convicted of either sacrilege or incompetence?
32 pages with color cover by Matt Howarth
All ages.
Only $3.00

Keif Llama is an expert at deciphering the indescribable. Then why can't she get a handle on the aliens who've secreted a mysterious structure inside an asteroid ConFed wants to terraform? A curious glowing pyramid is at the center of the structure... and of the mystery.
32 pages with color cover by Matt Howarth
3.00 Order


A graphic novel by Matt Howarth.
Keif's vacation is interrupted when she's assigned to track down her guardian's murderer. But her guardian is still alive...or is he really? Nothing is as it seems as Keif becomes a pawn in a convoluted conspiracy to overthrow the galactic government. Will she survive to figure out what is going on?

Digital 97 page full color graphic novel (135Megs)
10.00 download Buy it through
$10.00 Order on CD
PDF requires Adobe Acrobat 7  


A graphic novel by Matt Howarth.
This version of "Mindset" was done back in the 1970s and has remained unpublished until now. Includes the original unpublished version of "Shark Hunt", the very first Keif story. Featuring vintage artwork by Howarth, this edition is a compendium for avid fans who wish to see the original storyline.

Digital 72 page 8.5x11 B&W graphic novel (131Megs)
8.00 download Buy it through
$8.00 Order on CD
PDF requires Adobe Acrobat 7  


The new graphic novel by MATT HOWARTH
Join the plucky xenotech as she takes a trainee out to handle a simple trespassing problem on Pohler. Complicating matters: a reclusive jazz musician who's gone into hiding to compose his master opus. Things get perilous when interstellar terrorists are discovered. Their weapon of mass hysteria has gone rogue and is running the show. Can Keif survive capture and turn the tables on the villainous weapon?
Digital 120 page full color graphic novel
$10.00 download Buy it through
Order on CD
PDF requires Adobe Acrobat 7

Alien species are all riled up about an unwanted power station, but before she can solve this political dispute Keif has to babysit a group of visiting bathing suit models. Join the plucky xenotech as she gets lured to the bottom of a green ocean to investigate an illegal genetics lab hidden in the ancient Rhuford Ruins.
Digital 110 page color graphic novel
The CDR contains Low-Rez (for easy load-time) and High-Rez (for quality print-out) versions of the entire graphic novel.
PDF requires Adobe Acrobat 7

Only available in digital format.
$10.00 download Buy it through
Order on CD

Digital Keif Llama comics - Adobe PDF format, available for immediate download, exclusively through PayPal

 The Original Six-Issue Comicbook Series is now a Nine-Issue Series of Graphic E-books! With 3 never-before published issues!

 In a galaxy overcrowded with alien civilizations (some of them so different that communication between them is highly problematic), three things are required for these civilizations to productively interact:

A Faster-Than-Light propulsion drive--you'd be surprised how many of these there are.

An all-purpose translation device--which was achieved nearly a century ago with the development of the Beal Vocoder Unit (popularly known as a xenocoder). This device not only modulates sound waves, but handles a full range of sensory modes (light, olfactory, subsonic vibrations, magnetic and gravitic pulses, and new models even feature quantum motion sensors).

 The ability to comprehend the thought process of wildly exotic alien species. This is the most important thing of all. Communication is easy; understanding is hard. (How can a human really understand the urge to spin that is experienced in the third session by the Nirrur slimemold that grows on the fusionballs of Frolix 8?) The ability to think like other species is a rare and galactically valuable gift. Those who are capable of this are called xenotechs.

Keif Llama is a young girl xenotech. She works for Confed, the galactic government. Her assignments are exotic, bewildering, and often frustrating, for Keif's employers do not always agree with her altruistic solutions.

 These digital editions include new text pages, giving author's insights into the stories.

ISSUE 1 - "Ambitious"

Keif gets lured into a freelance job while she should be on vacation. A galactic cartel wants her to solve a commercial dispute with the aquatic Wahn, and they are not pleased with her startling solution.

 Suitable for all ages.

35 pages.Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download)  Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 2 - "Eyewitness and Document"

Keif has the unpleasant pleasure of chaperoning a group of aliens kids. This picnic explodes when a killing machine tries to assassinate one of the children. Can Keif save her young charges and herself too?

 Suitable for all ages.

33 pages.
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 3 - "The Thorn beneath the Rose"

Keif gets stuck doing guard duty for an interstellar traveling flower show. It's pretty boring duty...until there's a break-in that adds a flower to the exhibit instead of stealing one.

Print version of this issue has been long out-of-print, now it's finally available to all!

Suitable for all ages.

34 pages.
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 4 - "Murder on the O'Brien Express"

Keif gets dispatched to the frontier. She travels on a luxury spaceliner. But while she's distracting herself with an onboard romance, catastrophe strikes. Can Keif figure out what happened before it happens again?

Suitable for all ages.

34 pages.
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 5 - "Down and Out There"

The joy of Keif's frontier duty turns sour when she's assigned to Web-Base Edison-Blue, where everyone's being to taxed to death--quite literally. Things get desperate when Keif finds herself technically unemployed and unable to pay her air tax.

Suitable for all ages.

33 pages.
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 6 - "Relic"

Keif is assigned to ferry some interstellar freight--straight into a cosmic storm! Her malfunctioning ship strands her in a space sargasso. As if that's not bad enough, now she's being stalking by an ancient battle suit that's running on automatic and wants to kill her.

Suitable for all ages.

34 pages
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

New issues of KEIF LLAMA: XENOTECH--never before published!

Three issues that pursue the goal of getting poor Keif unstranded from remote intergalactic regions and returning her to civilized space. That's right--everyone assumed Keif escaped that space sargasso at the end of Issue 6--but she didn't! Her road home proves to be an adventure full of incredible surprises--incredible even for a young xenotech who doesn't surprise easily.

These 3 issues are only available in digital editions.

ISSUE 7 - "Deux Ex Machina"

Keif is still stranded in that space sargasso--until she gets "rescued" by intergalactic slave traders!

Suitable for all ages.

33 pages.
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 8 - "The Commodity Trap"

Sold into slavery, Keif must keep her wits about her to survive the secret schemes of her new employer: Dr Delerius, the quantum scientist. Is he insane or just a misunderstood genius?

Suitable for all ages.

32 pages.
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

ISSUE 9 - "Tightrope Fall"

Keif escapes the clutches of Dr Delerius, only to drop out of the sky on an alien planet where the local inhabitants act as if life is a stage drama.

Suitable for all ages.

33 pages
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $2.50 (as download) Buy it through
Only $3.50 (on CD)  Order 

All 9 issues of KEIF LLAMA: XENOTECH together on one CD...Only $20.00  Order 


KONNY & CZU are a pair of extraterrestrial con artists who roam the galaxy in search of a quick buck. For a number of years HOWARTH and D.M.KISTER did a running KONNY & CZU series for Albedo. Later, these strips were collected together in the KONNY & CZU comic along with new material.  There are no humans or anything remotely terrestrial in the Konny & Czu strips.

KONNY & CZU (32pp/6.5x10.25)

Issue # Price Reserve
1 3.50
3 3.50
4 3.50

ALBEDO (36pp/6.5x10.25)

Issue # Price Reserve
8 3.00
9 3.00
10 3.00
11 3.00
12 3.00
14 3.00

ALBEDO (Color comic contains Konny & Czu strips not found elsewhere, 36pp/6.5x10.25)
1, 3...3.50 each  Reserve #1  Reserve #3

Science fiction tales about a universe where entropy battles for supremacy.

(Some Mad Empress stories can be found in PARTICLE DREAMS issues.)

Before you can go in search of the Wondrous Possession, you must first survive the Black Hole. HOWARTH’s first graphic novel from 1976, (24pp/5.5x8.5)  Reserve

What happens when the galactic city of Phoo becomes a fixed point in the universe? Comic book reprint of two classic mini-comics by HOWARTH. 
(32pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve

SCAN 1, 2...3.50 each
The Mad Empress’ Empire visits a curious sandworld full of anomalies in this 2 issue series by HOWARTH. (36pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve #1  Reserve #2


Boston underground comic from the Seventies, contains a very early horror strip by HOWARTH.
(36pp/8.5x11)  Reserve

A romantic horror comic by HOWARTH about Andy, who works in a comic book store, has an overactive imagination and falls in love. A simple situation that quickly turns into a grisly and twisted look at unrequited love.  (36pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve

Paranoia, madness, cyberspace, and spooky weirdness--what more could you want? 
Story & inks by HOWARTH in color for Vertigo Comics. (54pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve


MATT HOWARTH's first mainstream mystery thriller novel comes as a PDF file on a CD with a 65 minute soundtrack of exciting uptempo electronic music by MICHAEL CHOCHOLAK.

After years of anonymity, cult writer Bandit Double E has decided to do a book signing. Reuniting with old college buddies, Bandit embarks on a cross-country road trip to discover whether he has the courage to face his adoring public. Unknown to him, his pilgrimage is headed on a collision course with more weirdness and murder than found in one of his thriller novels. Interspliced with this tale is one of Bandit's novels, "The Midas Disc", a twisted journey to recover a stolen corporate CD.
225 pages, the CD comes with a full color cover by Howarth.
Adult material.

alien superhero comic book from the supercluster right around the corner is visually translated by D.M.KISTER and HOWARTH for this limited edition on your planet. An absolute laugh riot.
(24pp/7.5x4)  Reserve

Erotic deep space science fiction graphic novel by HOWARTH. Join the
traveling brothel Tryx as it dispenses its services and tries to outwit the
Company. Warning: graphic sexual material, you must be 21 years old to order
this item.
(100pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve

STAR CROSSED 1, 2, 3...3.50 each
She’s a human lightsail. He’s an asteroid. And they’re in love in HOWARTH’s full color 3 issue series for Helix/DC Comics. (32pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve #1   Reserve #2  Reserve #3

WEIRDFALL 1, 2, 3...3.50 each
Three issue SF thriller series by HOWARTH about the adventures of a female Russian merc in a world where the laws of physics change everyday.  (32pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve #1  Reserve #2  Reserve #3



In the early 1970s, Conrad Schnitzler was an original member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster, convincing both bands to “go electronic.”
In 1984, Schnitzler joined Howarth’s fictitious band the Bulldaggers and guest starred in countless comics and graphic novels by Howarth. In the late 1980s, Howarth did the cover art for Schnitzler’s “Concert” album and several cassette tape releases. After a conjoined history of nearly two decades, Schnitzler and Howarth have finally conspired to produce a remarkable fusion of thrilling electronic music and offbeat SF storytelling--in MOON MUMMY.

The story: the discovery of an alien tomb inside an asteroid sparks a controversial study that ends up leaking out into popular culture with amusing results.
63 minutes of music by Schnitzler, and a 15 page full color comic strip (in PDF format) by Howarth. Dramatic cover art by Howarth, too.
$12.00 Order

THE COMIX OF TWO CITIES (Comic Book Edition) 1--6...3.50 each
HOWARTH teams up with the infamous underground musicians THE RESIDENTS to present the cartoon conflict of Mole vs Chub in this 6 issue sub-limestone graphic comedy.   (32pp/6.5x10.25) 

Issue # Price Reserve
1 3.50
2 3.50
3 3.50
4 3.50
5 3.50
6 3.50

THE COMIX OF TWO CITIES (Mini-comic Edition) 1, 6...2.00 each
Rare mini-comic editions of parts of comic book series. (16pp/5.5x8.5)  Reserve #1  Reserve #6

A slice of life tale by HOWARTH, chronicling the career of nonexistent  band Magnesium Arc in the indie cassette mail order scene. (48pp/6.5x10.25)  Reserve


A dazzling and unique collaboration between spacerock band Quarkspace and graphic storyteller Howarth. A galactic navigation node is malfunctioning, and when Flo the cosmic technician arrives to fix it, she discovers the node has been sabotaged! Can she stop the terrorist and restore the node before all of reality goes awry? Besides full color fold-out cover art by Howarth, this album release contains a 16 page B&W printed booklet featuring an exciting comic strip by Howarth, while the 
CD offers 70 minutes of spacey soundtrack music by Quarkspace. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen!
Only $12.00 Order

A unique multimedia collaboration, this double CD features over 2 hours of cosmic soundtrack for a 16 page full color comic by MATT HOWARTH (which comes as a PDF file on disc 1 and is playable on any computer). 
Entire package features cover art by Howarth, too.

Appealing to fans of classic era work by Ashra/Manuel Gottsching, Heldon, Pink Floyd, Steve Roach, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL are considered one of the greats of the current spacemusic/electronic music scene.

In the aftermath of a nuclear winter, a brave priest visits a self-exiled war criminal who may have discovered Earth's salvation. A chilling tale of despair and redemption.

Starring Nash the Slash
All new comicbook by Matt Howarth  

The Simultaneous Man by Matt Howarth and Nash the Slash

Canadian rocker Nash the Slash has a quandry: how can he do two concerts that are scheduled at the same time? The solution: a robot duplicate of himself! Watch as Robo-Nash joins the HairyMania Reunion Tour--meanwhile Nash and his daring devil hound, Digger, travel to farflung Tibet to perform a special concert for the Monks of Mount Mysterio who have unearthly ulterior motives.

Includes a CD with music and Nash narrating the story.

Limited Edition item.
24 Pages
Black & White interior, with full color cover by Matt Howarth.
Only $10.00 Order 

Red Sky Radio by Matt Howarth

Using a converted space hotel as their base, Peri Fairchild and the other freelancers dive into the clouds of Baltuss to mine gases. Their activities are challenged by the extreme capitalists of Harvest Corporation who view them as pirates. With the illegal radio station Red Sky Radio providing free entertainment, follow Peri, her boyfriend Taz and the other miners as the final showdown with Harvest Corporation leads to irrevocable changes, both for the miners and Harvest.

Red Sky Radio is available for instant purchase and download in Adobe PDF, MS Reader, and Hiebook formats - $5.99
To order Red Sky Radio, click this link to visit the Red Sky Radio page at Trantor Publications.


These digital novels are in PDF format, and shoudl be easily readable in both Mac and PC computers via Adobe Acrobat 3.1 or higher. Adobe Acrobat is freely distributed among various systems, or can be downloaded for free from Adobe's WebSite (

On-line orders can avoid shipping charges by accepting delivery of the novels as downloadable e-mail attachments.  (In some cases, this is the only option.)


Science fiction collides with arcane horror as Matt Howarth pays homage to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos in this lavish text novel. Hundreds of years in the future, mankind has colonized the galaxy. Meanwhile, Cthulhu has risen and conquered forgotten Earth. Answering a distress call, a team of mercenaries find themselves facing unspeakable horrors as they struggle to rescue Princess Eden from the Old One's hideous minions.
Mature Audience
343 pages
Features color cover and interior art by Howarth
Requires Acrobat Reader 5 or higher.
Only available in digital format.
$5.00 download Buy it through


It's no secret that strong connections abound between graphic visionary MATT HOWARTH's fiction and the world of electronic music. With ENRICHED VISIONS, Howarth delivers a collection of remarkable short stories all based on the music of ambient pioneer ROBERT RICH.

Embark on a series of fantastic voyages, where you'll encounter: the link between a massive brushfire and aboriginal cave art, a mathematician's quest into the desert, giant lizards orbiting the Earth, an old man captivated by dancing moss in a park, a kidnapping in the new Ice Age, the music a lonely lighthouse keeper uses to while away the nights, the fate of the last Martians, the unnatural hunger of Dame  Procol's new lifeforms, a man in search of amnesia, an antique dealer specializing in artifacts from the 21st Century's texplosion era, an alien spire that reaches beyond the sky, and more.

This book also features story notes in which Howarth and Rich discuss the connections between the stories and the source compositions.

A collection of short science fiction and surreal stories by Matt Howarth based on the ambient compositions of ROBERT RICH.
353 pages with color cover by Matt Howarth
Requires Acrobat Reader 5 or higher.
Only available in digital format.
$5.00 download Buy it through

A science fiction novella by Matt Howarth
The Earth is at war with space creatures who are bombing the planet with giant corpses of their kind. The latest flesh bomb has fallen on Rotterdam, crushing the city under a massive mound of rotting space flesh. A secret military mission has been dispatched to recover an important data file from the buried city, and in order to get it, the commando team need to burrow through the corpse to locate the city. Hampered by adverse conditions and local politics, will they succeed?

A total of 67 pages, includes full color cover.
Only $2.50 by email
Only $3.50 (on floppy disk)
Purchase on 3.5" disk  Purchase via email  


Afterburn is a pirate radio station struggling to entertain and reunite the post-holocaust human survivors in a savage wasteland full of mutants and crazies. When a Quiet Man attack wipes out their Tribe, a group of orphaned youths embark on a pilgrimage in search of the elusive pirate radio station. Along the way they will encounter a mysterious prairie traveler and his opinionated two-headed cat...and adventure, monsters, romance, and deadly threats.

TUNERS is intended for mature audiences.

TUNERS is 226 pages long (or roughly 98,000 words, depending on how you want to consider it). This novel includes a bonus file: a single piece of B&W art by Howarth, featuring portraits of the tale's main characters.  

A total of 226 pages.
Only $5.00 by email
Only $6.00 on floppy disk
Purchase on 3.5" disk  Purchase via email  


Nillers is a deceased hacker who has cheated death as an On-Line Personality in a future cyberpunk society. He becomes embroiled in a high-action intrigue that takes him across the globe and into space. All of his attempts to elude involvement plunge Nillers deeper in a cyberspace crisis that threatens to herald the destruction of mankind.

BEYOND MEAT TIME is intended for mature audiences.

BEYOND MEAT TIME is 218 pages long (or roughly 55,000 words, depending on how you want to consider it). This novel includes 8 B&W chapter heading illustrations and 3 more B&W illustrations by Howarth located throughout the text.

A total of 218 pages.
Only $5.00 by email
Only $6.00 on floppy disk
Purchase on 3.5" disk  Purchase via email  

The Authorized Complete MATT HOWARTH Bibliography
Containing 275 pages of listings including everything 
(pro, fan, and private)
  • publications
  • artifacts
  • music
  • internet

    With long, annotated behind-the-scenes tales and secrets and an informal biography.

    Features 60 art files, including:

  • an unpublished page from CHANGES
  • 9 strips
  • 36 previously unpublished pieces
  • 16 pieces in full color.

Compatible with both Mac and PC.
Only $20.00  Order

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